Airbus Chief executive officer Tom Enders,. (conspiracy Talk News) archived Image

Paris,France (Conspiracy Talk News) – French anti-corruption detectives interrogated Airbus (AIR.PA) CEO Tom Enders as well as 3 different corporation executives as witnesses within an investigation focused on the selling of satellite equipment to Kazakhstan back in 2010, in accordance with press accounts Thursday.

Mr. Enders has been questioned at the beginning of Oct by anti-corruption detectives inside Nanterre, in close proximity to Paris, France , also Chairman D. Ranque was questioned on this subject.

Government bodies will be probing the supposed suspicious transaction connected to the satellite transaction, Mediapart documented, insisting that Enders and other business professionals did not have any part in it.

“We don’t have any comment to make other than that we are fully co-operating with authorities,” a spokesperson for Airbus explained.

Mr. Enders is still wrestling with some criticism involving Airbus’s product sale methods soon after the company discovered discrepancies in the filings to U.S. government bodies over arms Tech sales. Which came up on top of the pre-existing bribery investigations within France and also Great Britain, for utilization middle men with jetliner sales.

France as well as Germany individually hold Eleven per cent of Airbus.

France’s financial minister stated not too long ago that Mr. Enders has the confidence of the Airbus’s corporate board, as German authorities have rebuffed conjecture regarding Enders’s foreseeable future.


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