Drop Of Life Expectancy In USA

It has come to the notice of people that the life expectancy in USA has been seeing some decrease over the last few years. The editorial provided by the BMJ puts the entire blame on the 3 factors that supposedly contributed to that decrease.

It is said that alcohol, drugs, and supposed suicides all over the country are the main reason why there is this decrease in the expectancy of life. The authors that work at the paper suggested that this picture of U.S. is basically due to these factors that have their effects on the rural communities of America.

The Three Major Evils Cause The Drop In Lives

The paper also pointed out the solution for the problem, and that was to educate and boost up that morale of the rural communities in the country.

The recent decrease that the country has seen in case of life expectancy is seriously very alarming, to be honest.

The reports have stated that there has been a growth of the life expectancy in most of the developed countries and U.S. is certainly considered to be one of them.

But when compared to the other countries that were developed, America went way back in the competition and the reports now state that it is going opposite to the direction of growth.

Steve Woolf, the lead author of the editorial said that “Something is amiss in the health of Americans, and the country, on a population level, is sick and dying earlier.”

He also made a comment that the babies that are born in this age in the country will have a shorter life-span because of the increase in suicides. This change has been effective for just two-three years ago.

The Reason Is Revealed

When asked the reason for this decrease in the life expectancy of the country, the editorial’s the author said that many people are pointing towards the opioid epidemic that came recently.

There are surely bigger factors but this epidemic has been continuing its effect for a very long time. There might be some systematic causes as well which result in a picture of despair and hopelessness for the young Americans.

The study done by Woolf in 2013 along with Laudan Aron, co-author made a revelation that the Americans have a history of health problems in many different areas.

Some of those areas are homicides, injuries, outcomes, HIV/AIDS, adolescent pregnancies, obesity, and heart diseases. This, in comparison with the other countries, is certainly very high. There are certain lifestyle habits such as the diets with a high amount of calories, gun ownership, and drug abuse that contribute as well.

While the deaths due to drug abuse have increased over the last 4 years by 13%, it is seen that the rate of deaths due to suicides and alcohol abuse has gone up as well. Suicide rate even shot up to 24% between 1999 and 2014.

There is not really a clear indication as to why the Americans living in the rural areas are fatally losing the battle of life at such high rates due to these factors. The experts suggest that the collapse of industries, emotional and economic hardships and the security loss over the past generations could be a reason for such a behavior amongst the people of America.

These factors have actually made quite a hit on the lifestyle of the Americans over the last few years. Their lives are comparatively harder and more difficult to survive. The Black American, however, face some different problems altogether. For them, it is the discrimination, the structural disadvantages, and other problems that cause the high rates of mortality.

The United States of America is undoubtedly rich and successful. However, the social contract tends to be a bit weak when it comes to America.

The only good news about the whole situation is that there is some possibility of a change out there. These opportunities are great for the economy of America and its health as well. The entire solution to the problem isn’t really different from the measures that the country has to take for the middle-class.

Studies prove that the improvement in economic, educational and employment sector for the people from middle-class and low-income families will be a resultant of the decrease in the overuse of such damaging factors.


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