Are you wondering if aliens really exist? Do you want to see UFO missiles some day? Well, a conspiracy about UFO landings became wild in the internet recently. Few days back, a picture taken by Buzz Aldrin or Neil Armstrong came into light. This photograph portrays a UFO landing on the moon.

Various Conspiracy Views

Conspiracy theorists have come up with different views about the image captured. Some believe that the image represents an alien missile. This photograph has a very long history. It was taken on the 20th of July 1969 during Apollo 11’s mission to the lunar surface. The photograph and its conspiracy theories were featured in a YouTube channel called “Paranormal Crucible”. This channel is well known for its weird stories and bizarre theories.

Image result for ufo picture taken by Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong

The Video

The video (about the photograph) became famous in few short seconds. It has more a million views and several thousand likes. The explanation under the posting reads “Bizarre image from Apollo archives appear to show a missile UFO cruising on the lunar surface”. Some theorists question if NASA is trying to bomb alien stations and installations on the moon. However, the object way too odd to be concluded as an alien spacecraft. Some viewers identify the mark as a missile that was implanted by NASA.

Nevertheless, NASA has not released any comments regarding the photograph. They have kept quiet about the mark and all theories around it. Many viewers believe that this photograph is another hoax in the internet.


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