The British Secretary of Defense Michael Fallon gives a speech in Bucharest, Romania, on June 15, 2017. Fallon resigned his position at the beginning of November 2017 on charges of sexual harassment. Image: CTN News

The scandal surrounding the British political class deepened on Sunday with more reports of sexual harassment, abuse of power and other improper acts, including new allegations involving a key ally of Prime Minister Theresa May.

Damian Green, May’s first secretary of state and right-hand man, denied a report in the Sunday Times that the police found “extreme” pornography on his computer during an investigation nine years ago.

Green was already investigated for inappropriate behavior against a Conservative Party activist.

On Sunday, the official said that the story in the Sunday Times was “false” and that it came from a corrupt and unreliable police source.

“The accusations about the material on the computer, nine years ago, are also false and come from a discredited police official who acts in flagrant violation of his duty to keep the details of police investigations confidential,” Green said.

The allegations arose in the wake of the sexual abuse scandal by US filmmaker Harvey Weinstein and go far beyond Green and former British Secretary of Defense Michael Fallon, who resigned last week after allegations of this inappropriate behavior surfaced.

In Britain, an increasing number of lawmakers face similar accusations, as do politicians in Scotland and Wales.

Carl Sargeant, Welsh secretary of communities and children, resigned on Friday after allegations of misconduct surfaced. The former official requested an independent investigation to clear his name.

In Scotland, child care minister Mark McDonald resigned due to past actions. He apologized and said that his behavior that he thought could be “funny” or “friendly” bothered people.

British Secretary of the Interior Amber Rudd said that Britain is having a “decisive” moment. Adding that the wave of accusations will cause a “cleaning” in the government that will leave its institutions in better shape.


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