President Barack Obama is all set to sign the new American Cyber security bill. The most substantial piece of law is going to be the part of American constitution after an intense 24/7 negotiations with the stakeholders.

The critics are arguing against the closed door negotiations regarding the bill.

Primarily, it is about information sharing through which the companies will be given legal cover for sharing the data related to cyber attack with each other and with the government. This bill will protect the companies from being sued for data sharing.

The chamber of commerce and financial services heavily lobbied in favor of this bill. The basic idea behind this law is that hackers used the same tactics while attacking large numbers of internet users. So! This bill will give the permission to the organizations to communicate with each other any vulnerable data to prevent future possible cyber attacks. Eventually this bill will give an upper hand to Organizations and Corporations when it comes to data safety.

While companies had argued during negotiations that data sharing is difficult after the filing of lawsuits against them for sharing data with other institutions.

The privacy and civil liberty groups don’t believe in this government’s bill. They said that it’s again an expansion of surveillance and on privacy rights.

Under the bill, the companies will be allowed to share the data with the federal government and agencies at will, that’s why the private rights groups fear the passing of this law.


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