Andy Rubin Created Android

Andy Rubin created android has started a new company which is working on the making of “Essential” smartphones, which is said to be the next big thing in the industry of smartphones and artificial intelligence.

According to Bloomberg, the new company is working on “Essential” and a “Suite” of devices that will likely work together in the concert.

The very first legal filing will appear with the name “Essential”- and the filing also has Rubin’s name on it.

Rubin invented Android- a mobile operating system that is running on more than 86% of mobile phone in existence as per IDC. He is now planning to unite the artificial intelligence with his prowess in the field of software engineering.

Essential is poised in order to become a platform company so as to fuse various devices together. It is currently developing a suite of consumer hardware products. The centerpiece will be a smartphone with an edge-to-edge screen sans a surrounding a bezel.

Google launched Android in the year of 2005. Andy Rubin spent 8 years at the company developing an operating system that later was declared one of the most prevalent platform on the mobile devices all around the globe, which is no easy feat.

After leaving Google in the year of 2014, Rubin started with his next venture centered on robotics, AI and merged the reality.

Bloomberg reports did not highlighted the other products of Essential, as it is currently being manufactured, save for “a suite” of the consumer hardware product—– we are still waiting for Rubin to give a confirmation on the respective topic.

As we know! The tech industry is just revving up in a pace this year, We will now see how this “Essential” phone pans out in the market.


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