A second plane of the United States Navy, the P-8A Poseidon, will be sent this Sunday to Bahía Blanca, Argentina, where it will join a frantic international search of a missing submarine from Argentina’s Navy “ARA San Juan”, which disappeared with 44 crew members on board last Wednesday in the middle of a strong storm in the Southern  Atlantic ocean.

The Southern Command of the United States (SOUTHCOM), based in Miami Florida, reported that a US Military aircraft with a crew of 21 members will depart from Jacksonville, the northern part of the state of Florida, and is expected to arrive this Sunday in the South American country.

One P-8A Navy aircraft is already in Argentina, where it joined a NASA P-3 research aircraft that supports search efforts on the submarine’s last known location.

In addition, the Submarine Rescue Command (URC) of the US Navy, based in San Diego, California, is deploying two independent rescue systems that can be used to support underwater search and rescue missions, depending on various oceanic factors, such as depth, current soil conditions and other safety considerations.

SOUTHCOM directed the deployment of the P-8A aircraft, underwater rescue teams and personnel to assist Argentina as support, the country request for international assistance to locate the missing submarine and crew.


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