Launching an app is a tough business. Just ask any one of the mobile app marketing companies. A lot goes into launching an app and giving it the boost it needs to hit off. Because let’s face it: no matter how amazing your app is, it will never be successful if  it doesn’t reach its audience.

To do so, you need to involve mobile app marketing in the mix. And apart from social ads, your mobile app marketing campaigns need to have an app landing page.

Think about it this way: when someone searches your app to know more about it, an app website or landing page will provide them with all the information they need.

App stores have limited space and you can put only so much information about the app. A landing page is essential not just for your mobile app marketing strategy but defining the purpose of your app.

Want to create a good app website? Read these tips and tricks fresh from the oven!

  • Be recognizable

Starting with the basics, make sure the landing page for your app clearly identifies itself as the website for your app. You want the visitor to know they are on the right website.

The best way to be recognizable is to use the same logo and color palette as that used in your app. If your app hasn’t launched yet, it is particularly important to be instantly recognizable.

  • Brief and concise

In the words of a blog post on Guardian, you need to “Say it quick, say it well”. The attention span of an internet user is notoriously short.

You need to particularly keep this in mind to avoid losing the visitor. We know it tempting to use clever puns and sentences on the landing page, but try to be as unambiguous and clear as possible if you want your mobile app marketing plan to work.

  • Nudge your visitor

Your landing page has an impressive theme, it is instantly recognizable, the copy is great, but…

It leaves the audience hanging. In other words, there are no calls to action; nothing to nudge the visitor to download your app. There is no point in nurturing the lead if you skip the ultimate nudge you need to have your app installed.

Hiring mobile app marketing agencies or mobile app marketing services is futile if your website doesn’t ultimately have a call to action button.

  • Video

A video is a powerful, powerful tool. Don’t believe us? Have a look at these stats on Forbes. With video being so successful at creating engagement and boosting ROI by leaps and bounds, we think not including a short clip about your app is not the best choice. Make a quick, easy to understand, and fun video for your app website and watch visitor engagement soar!


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