DronBird is a revolutionary drone-based service designed to bring together an interactive global marketplace for drone owners. The makers of DronBird have created an app that is the first of its kind, and, eyes on the skies, look to expand the application of drones to a near limitless capacity.

“We are constantly looking for new innovations to make your business-to-customer (B2C) or business-to-business (B2B) company a part of this ever-growing industry of capability.” – Morris Mohadeb, DrONBird Founder and CEO.

Think of DronBird as a harmonious blend of Upwork and Uber. With DronBird, you have the flexibility of services offered, just like you would with Upwork, combined with delivery services as quick and reliable as Uber. DronBird is the only marketplace of its kind, where drone owners can interact with drone owners, individuals, and businesses with a few taps on the screen of your phone. North America leads the world in the drone market, and growth potential has already proven to be, frankly, incalculable. Using drone technology, a construction manager can overlook his site from anywhere, customers can keep an eye on their homes while vacationing, and businesses can utilize DronBird to increase their efficiency by leaps and bounds.

From taking awesome selfies to monitoring work on a construction site from a distance, the app which is still in its Beta Version will make performing somewhat tedious task much more easier and faster.

“A contractor like me who has few sites at the same time and want to know what the guys are doing or ensure that the delivery is dropping in at the right place, so what do I do? Instead of wasting an hour coming to the site, all I have to do is DronBird – that’s the right solution.” said an enthusiastic construction worker.

How DronBird operates

DronBird seeks to transform the current state of industry itself. Placing a drone is easily achieved in just three steps.

Once that’s done, the sky is the limit.

The day to day problems faced by people in general stand to be solved. Conveniently packaged in one app, a customercan request a drone to suit their needs, track the drone, view live feed, and more, according to their needs.

You can also follow more on this amazing invention by connecting with DronBird on Facebook and Instagram.


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