This might catch you unaware, but you can no longer purchase a 256 GB iPhone 7 from the manufacturer, anymore.

Why? Well that should be blamed on Apple’s new ‘hotcake’ the iPhone 8. Or is it really a hotcake? Tech reporters don’t think so. Apparently, Apple has been struggling to drive up the consumer interest in the new iPhone 8, but its predecessor, the iPhone 7, keeps coming up on top every single time.

According to an article posted on Mashable, Apple allegedly stopped the production and sales of the very favored 256 GB, iPhone 7, to pave way for more sales of the iPhone 8. Even so, that did not help the latter gain any more traction of the market. Arguably, Apple is trying to cut off the iPhone 7’s leg just to give the ‘8’ a little advantage, but that isn’t working either.

A little delving into some search analytics from credible search engines, specifically Google, reveals that even after the release of the iPhone 8, people are still doing more searches of the iPhone 7 than of its successor. As a matter of fact, circumstantial reports suggest that more than ever, people are buying the iPhone 7 devices, even with the slight cut down in their storage capacity.

Why would this happen? Maybe it’s because of trust issues, people actually trust the iPhone 7 more. There is also an issue or two to do with availability versus pricing. As of now, the best production iPhone 7 has a 128 GB storage capacity and it’s priced at well below $800. A 256 GB iPhone 8 will set you back a whopping $850 plus.

iPhone 8

With the iPhone X set to debut next month, it’s likely that the iPhone 8 might get plunged into a deep pool of regrets and disdains.

As we speak, some stores still have the last remaining pieces of the 256 GB iPhone 7. Verizon is selling the last of its 256 GB version at $749, which is pretty reasonable, considering that a similarly capable iPhone 8 would start at not less than $849.


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