Apple Sacked Employee Over iPhone X Youtube Video

Brooke Amelia Peterson is a young Youtube vlogger who posted a hands-on iPhone X video along with the Cafe Macs tour when she visited her father who had been working for Apple for around 4 years. Apple sacked employee over iPhone X Youtube video which was recorded on the Apple campus.

Unaware of the Apple’s policy, the young YouTube posted the video on her channel that went viral and jeopardized the father’s job at Apple Inc. Although, she took down the video after Apple requested, it was too late.

Apple Let Him Go For Breaking One Rule

Ken Bauer, Peterson’s father and Apple’s engineer responsible for Apple Pay and an emjoi design was let go of his job after he took the sole responsibility for the incident.

“At the end of the day, when you work for Apple, it doesn’t matter how good of a person you are. If you break a rule, they just have no tolerance.”– Brooke

Brooke posted another video, thereafter sharing how it was her mistake and her father had been relieved of his job at Apple. In the infamous video that caused the hassle, Brooklyn shared home screen interface and notes that may have revealed the names of future Apple products.

She said how the video was made innocently for fun and her family. She was unaware that recording is prohibited in Apple campus. In an emotional video, Brooklyn shared how she had no views and subscribers. Nonetheless, she made the video because she loves to and that cost her dad his job.

That’s a bummer, I’d say!

He is Kind and Grateful to Apple – Brooke Peterson

Brooke apologized on behalf of her father and requested the people watching her video to be aware of the Apple’s rules. She also shared how she felt her father didn’t deserve it but they are not bitter. On the contrary, her father is kind and grateful to Apple for the time there.

In the end, she broke down and said how her kind and talented father will be just fine and come on top of it because that is exactly what happens with kind people. Though iPhone X has been revealed, Apple has serious policies for showing their products and recording them for unauthorized channels.

iPhone X will be available for release on 3 November 2017. The video which caused a ruckus showed an unreleased iPhone X with employee-only access.

Apple has not yet commented on the whole incident and employee dismissal.


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