Pikachu with santa cap

We know that you all were waiting to know more about the new Pokémon go updates. Today we just got them right here for you!!

Well, Pokémon from the series- 2nd Gen are all set to make their way into the game- but wait! Not all at once.

In a further twist

You will not be able to catch them in the wild, just by wandering outside. Yes! Hatching them from an egg that you just picked up from the Pokéstop is all you need to go for.

The Highlights that Niantic Confirmed:

  • The new addition brings Pokémons like Pichu, Igglybuff, Magby, Cleffa and Elekid.  
  • You can also find a special and limited edition Pikachu wearing Santa’s hat during the festive season. It is expected to appear from December 29th around 11 am PST.

So- why hatching eggs?

Well, from a player’s viewpoint, this prominence on the egg hatching, probably is not considered the most welcome approach. As it taps through the least exciting part of the game by making the game a sole method of catching these newly added guys.

Undoubtedly, this game is fun as it makes its users to go outside and play- which is more like a fleeting scavenger hunt together. Sadly, this eggs-only approach does not really play to very well! Luckily, it does get you outside, but with a very little reason for you camaraderie on.

Additional Info:

  • Now, the players cannot use the third party radars in order to find the egg they need while playing the game.
  • You can hatch only one egg at a single time- unless you are ready to spend some of your greens! The eggs are then hatched by walking up to a certain distance and  after that by placing them into an incubator.

The Good news here is!

  • You will get one infinite-use incubator absolutely free.
  • You can also buy eight more incubators for about a buck each, that will expire after using it thrice.
  • In addition to the above mentioned info, you will also find our little Rockstar- Pikachu wearing Santa’s hat soon!


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