Henry González

MIAMI FLORIDA – Henry Gonzalez sent selfies of himself naked through the WhatsApp app to the babysitter who cared for his young daughters, Pembroke Pines police said. 

He also kissed the nanny on the mouth (giving her tongue), forced her to touch his genitals and pushed her head towards his private parts.

The babysitter is only 14 years old.

Gonzalez, a 36-year-old Venezuelan, was taken to the Broward County jail on several charges, including sexual assault against a victim between the ages of 12 and 18; obscene communication, use of a computer to seduce a minor; Directly seeking sexual participation of a minor; Lewd behaviour on the part of a person 18 years of age or older; Directly searching for the sexual activity of a victim under 16 years of age; and transmit harmful information to minors. 

A bond of $ 203,000 was posted.

In the arrest report, Pembroke Pines police said Gonzalez tried to carry out “habitual harassment techniques in order to establish a sexual relationship with the victim” with some success. 

The nanny told the police that although she feared Gonzalez, she overcame her fear to expose what was happening because she worried that the man could abuse his own daughters.

The whole nightmare began in June of last year, the teenager told the police, when Gonzalez tried to put his hand in her pants while driving his car and she was sitting in the passenger seat. 

The young girl pushed his hand away again and again, she said. 

Shortly thereafter, Gonzalez removed his penis and put the girl’s hand on it. Similarly, he tried to have oral sex, which she rejected several times.

Two months later, she said, on one of the occasions when she was at home taking care of the girls, Gonzalez threw her on his bed and said, “I can not miss moments like these.” The young woman thought he was going to rape her and pushed him away and fled to another room.

Meanwhile, Gonzalez sent her daily WhatsApp messages asking her to send him photographs of her masturbating, as well as her mother and friends when they bathed.

On Monday, the Pembroke Pines police set up a call between the teenager and Gonzalez to hear what they were talking about.

Gonzalez admitted enjoying the times the 14-year-old girl touched his genitals. After she said that the two had reached a certain level of intimacy because he was the first man with whom she had sexual contact, Gonzalez did not deny contact. 

When asked if he had enjoyed the oral sex that he forced her to give him, Gonzalez’s response was: “Of course.”

The Pembroke Pines police arrested Gonzalez on Monday afternoon. 

The investigators said that Gonzalez admitted sending the naked selfies and all the text messages to the young girl, although he denied everything else and wielded his right to remain silent.



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