Tekken 7 on consoles

Finally, the wait for fans is over and an official launch date for Tekken 7 has been confirmed by Bandai Namco. Though a little late than committed time, the release will take place in the first half of 2017.

Harada’s reason for delay

As per the reports, the project head Katsuhiro Harada wanted to release this fighting franchise as a full package only to keep up to the interest and fondness of the fans towards the game.

They took a lesson from their contemporaries and their previous release as well, which due to lack of requisite content lead to discontentment among the fans.

Street fighter 5 is one such example which lacked basic features and made the fans outcry.

This made them to delay the release by a couple of months to make sure they bring all the planned changes to it.

Katsuhiro told the fans in a Press conference with Gamespot in Tokyo:

“We were trying our best to get the game out at that time, to get it into the hands of users as early as possible,”

“We saw some titles–some from our own company and some from others–which didn’t have a very good launch because of a lack of content, or whatever it was, that caused players to bash the product.”

Harada did not want to end up with something like that which made them to stick to the originally designed plan, “even if that meant the game would come a little later.”

The First look of the game.

Namco also released a trailer to give hype to all this excitement among the fans.

The trailer shows the Game welcoming two new roster characters in the family, Kuma and Panda.

Tempting Pre-order bonuses

Not only this, the release will take place with additional lures for the fans.
Namco officially announced that the latest update would be offering pre-order bonuses to the fans which stands to be the major center of attractions.

Starting reservations from today will gift the fans with a downloadable character Eliza, a Vampire dark beauty of the game.

Apart for this, the update will offer tempting pre-order bonuses exclusive to each platform also.

Xbox will receive a free copy of Tekken 6 That will help maintaining the backward compatibility. While placing the order on Xbox store would offer other perks as well.

PS4 has got its exclusive right to some additional exciting features like Jukebox and access to legacy costumes from the previous versions.

In the last they have a great offer for every platform- A Tekken 7 Digital Deluxe Edition which will have a combination of Tekken 7 game and the Season Pass as well.


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