Previous President Barack Obama, free from employment which compelled him to relocate to Washington for 8 years, turned up to the downtown area of a Chicago court for jury duty on Wednesday early morning. He then listened for those famous words that a majority of potential jurors hope for: “You are dismissed.”

This 44th presidential motorcade – significantly smaller compared to ones he was accustomed to when he resided at the White House – left his own home from the Kenwood local community to the city’s Southern Area and reached the Richard J. Daley Center soon after 10 a.m.

Barack Obama – was sporting a darkish sport jacket, dress shirt, however with no tie – he waved to the people that collected outdoors.

Right before mid-day, the Cook County Chief Judge Mr. Timothy Evans informed journalists the past us president was not chosen to jury duty. Yet Barack Obama seemed to be prepared to serve in the event that he was instructed to do this, Evans explained.

The truth is, Mr. Obama had also been called back in 2010 for jury duty , however that has been in his biggest roll on the planet period, and that he managed to delay reporting, in accordance with the spokeswoman, Katie Hill.

On Wed, Barack Obama ended up getting the objective juror experience by actually sitting down through the decades-old, Something like 20 minute video clip where Lester Holt- currently the anchor with NBC Nightly News however in those days he was on community news -explained all the ins-and-outs associated with jury duty.

Obama’s encounter was obviously a little bit distinct from others that viewed the recording.

As he turned up, there was clearly a feeding craze while throngs of people in the court house got pics and videos with the ex – president. Some would-be jurors in the past brought textbooks to read while killing time, yet on Wed a number of people brought publications which Mr. Obama himself had published, hoping he could sign all of them. He quickly obliged all of them as well as posed for many pictures with people, Evans stated.

“Look at this. Were you aware I was coming?” he inquired to one gentleman that held a duplicate or copy of Mr. Obama’s book called  “Dreams From My Father.”

Thomas Pearson, had taken a video and now re-called the experience when shaking hands with former President Obama “the neatest thing I experienced in my life,” said, he wasn’t likely to appear for any jury duty right up until his mom texted him that Barack Obama will be there, then off he went and as luck would have it, “I met Mr. Obama in person”.

Obama’s lined up to receive total of $17.20 – a day-to-day amount of pay for carrying out this particular civic obligation. Hill stated that the previous us president would likely contribute this to the Cook County.

Obama’s a highest-ranking former public official to get called to do jury duty within Chicago, Illinois.

Yet he isn’t the very first past leader to get called to jury-duty.

Back in 2015, ex-president George W. Bush responded to a jury duty call within Dallas, TX. This individual wasn’t picked to sit down on the jury. As well as in 2003, ex – President Bill Clinton also reported for that jury duty position in federal government courtroom in New York. He also has not been chosen. Coincidence , huh?.

Neither is Barack Obama the earliest renowned Chicago, Illinois resident to get named for jury duty. Around 2004, Oprah has been on a Chicago jury which convicted a male accused of murder. 10 years after Oprah, Lawrence Tureaud, known as Mr. T, turned up into a suburban Chicago court house to do jury duty, wearing his typical Mohawk, although with no precious metal chains around his neck in which he’s recognized and known for. Mr. T hasn’t been chosen to take a seat on a jury either.


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