There is one news that has created such a storm this time, and that is the new of Apple Music tie with the Spotify in terms of the US music subscribers.

Spotify is certainly considered to be the most popular demand of the industry of music.

Why not?

They offer amazing marketing tools and know how to make the artists and the label happy.

Plus, they also the much-needed fan following.

Apple Music Is Back With A Bang

However, Apple Music is also not lagging behind in the race. With a strong streaming service and amazing fan following, Apple Music might just tie up with the Spotify Music, if not able to overtake it.

After the results of October polls were announced, it is seen that of the 70 million subscribers that Spotify has, about 18.2 million subscribers had their homes in the U.S.

Apple didn’t lag behind with 15 million music subscribers in the U.S.

Over the last few months of the previous year, Apple has been credited for adding more than 3 million music subscribers.

Spotify made an addition of less than 3 million, if sources and information are to be trusted.

The Word From The Trusted Sources Reveal Interesting Results

Sources that we trust and those who are the representatives of over 60% of the entire music industry reveal some interesting details about the competing music companies.

According to these sources, Spotify Music holds a 17% share of the entire music market which includes music expenses from the record labels of U.S. Apple Music has 15% of the entire share of the music market.

This happens when the iTunes stores are not brought into consideration.

With the iTunes stores in the game and the revenue is added to the revenue from the subscription of the Apply Music and the radio service of Beats, then the overall share of the Apple services rise up to a whopping 30%.

That is basically a little less than double of the Spotify Music share in the U.S.

The Change In The Results

With this in mind, it can be said that the Apple Music subscribers that are in the United States might not overtake the subscribers of Spotify, but certainly will attempt to make a tie. All of that, within the month of July.

However, we have seen a considerable amount of decline in the downloading of the Apple Music.

If this decrease continues at such an alarming rate, then it is not long that Apple Music will see a decline in the overall revenue including those from the iTunes stores.

These changes are expected to happen anytime between 2018.

The Position For Spotify Is In Danger

This impending catch-up of Apple and the dominance of the company over the U.S. is a further addition to the scepticism in public that whether Spotify will be able to keep the top position or not.

There are many companies like Amazon and Apple that have the ability to afford certain streaming services. These companies are able to provide the subscribers with cut-rate and attractive options.

With such services lacking in Spotify, it is a question that is on everyone else’s mind.

How long will the services of Spotify Music be able to remain in the competition with such amazing tech giants and companies following it?

The Conclusion

The race between the two companies is really getting to be a big one with both of the competing to get the best and the largest number of subscribers. However, Spotify still seems to have the lead due to the low rates and the amazing services that it provides.

The margins for Spotify Music are stabilizing, to be honest. Although not really headed towards the correct direction, the company still has a chance to make the most profit in the entire industry of music.

While there are chances that Apple music might have a better revenue in the coming few months, there are still some points that need work. It is still a long journey for Apple Music if it wants to take the place of Spotify in the hearts of the U.S. subscribers.

The record labels that worshipped Apple music because they considered downloads to be the king back then are now trying to salute the prowess of Spotify. This all means just one thing. Spotify is here on the top spot for a very long time.


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