The former drummer for Beyonce has made extraordinary claims that the singer has used ‘black magic’ and ‘witchcraft’ to harass her. She has even made claims that one of the world’s top music stars murdered her pet kitten.

Kimberly Thompson worked in Beyonce’s recording and performing band for seven years, but now has requested that a restraining order be placed against the superstar.

Kim Thompson accuses Beyonce of ‘black magic’ harassment

In a bizarre set of legal submissions, Thompson has claimed she has been subject to severe harassment by her former employee, including those ‘black magic’ and ‘witchcraft’ claims.

Thompson says “I worked for her [Beyonce] as her drummer for her band for seven years” before later claiming that the superstar had ‘for unknown reasons’ begun a campaign of harassment against her which included ‘extreme witchcraft, dark magic’ and ‘magic spells of sexual molestation.’

In less supernatural terms, Thompson – who also played drums for the Fred Armisen-led house band for the initial season of ‘Late Night With Seth Meyers’ – also makes accusations against Beyonce of tapping her phone calls and monitoring her finances.

Thompson is seeking a full black magic restraining order against her ex-employer

Thompson’s request for a temporary restraining order has been denied, although a hearing for a full restraining order will take place next month. It is not known why Thompson feels her former employer would wage such a campaign of harassment against her.

Beyonce has made no statement herself in response to these peculiar accusations, nor has Thompson chosen to elaborate on her claims.

Thompson is also a drumming teacher and has been playing drums since the age of ten. She has released six albums herself, typically of classics and original jazz songs performed with a jazz quartet. Her own website has been taken offline for the time being, although it is not known whether this in relation to her accusations against Beyonce, or by Beyonce’s alleged black magic talents.


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