Internet Terrorist content Google Images - Labeled for reuse

The European Commission pressures companies such as Facebook, Google and YouTube to take decisive action against terrorist content on the web, the organization argues that the first moments of these publications are essential to stop the proliferation of this type of content, before it spreads all over the web.

So the Commission has expressed that all major internet platforms will have a period of one hour from its publication to delete this type of content and from the moment the authorities inform them of its existence.

The time margins are only a recommendation, this institution since 2015 has been committed to the collaboration of the companies involved, to get an understanding that could yield much more effective results instead of getting lost in the legislative networks.

For now, this scheme has worked quite well, as the results show that Internet companies have deleted at least 70% of the content reported by the authorities, and four out of every five reported publications are eliminated in less than 24 hours, a diligent task for the internet giants.

However, the commission established in Brussels, is much more ambitious and invites companies to simplify the notification system so that users can report illegal content, in turn encouraging them to provide the necessary help to platforms of lesser size, that do not have the necessary resources to analyze all the information in their servers, and in turn they defend that human presence, which is much more effective when it comes to reviewing this material in front of automated filters.


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