"Groups with diversity make better decisions than lonely geniuses," former President Bill Clinton in Miami Beach said Saturday.

Past United states President Bill Clinton was the guest of honor in the course of Saturday’s session at the 85th Annual Meeting of Mayors of america. During the event, he recommended that local governments tackle together the challenges of enhancing the quality of life.

The former us president was welcome by a warm ovation from mayors participating in the event organised at the Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach until Monday. “I used to point out that I went to the White House as governor, served as president and went out as mayor,” Clinton mentioned at the beginning of his talk.

“Creative societies deal with multiplication, not division and being a good politician is to solve problems and try opportunities, not to have to test the limits of accepted power” (…) “Groups with diversity make better choices than homogeneous groups. Groups with diversity make better decisions than solitary geniuses, “he explained, without making any direct mention to anyone.

The former president praised the significance of the meeting and encouraged mayors to share experiences in order to achieve learning. “Many of our states are trapped in the arid desert of political identity. Cities have become laboratories of democracy. ”

Clinton urged mayors to innovate in creating new jobs.

Subscribe to the Paris Agreement

Additionally, more than 323 mayors, that represent Sixty three million Americans, promised to adapt, honor as well as promote the climate objectives of the Paris Accord, which was definitely not supported by the White House.

The mayor of Miami, Tomas Regalado, asserted for the mayors, the issue regarding the environment and the best living conditions for the communities was not associated with the political party and that the problem of climate change worries the mayors, whether they are Republicans or Democrats.

“We are here over Three hundred mayors, to inform Washington and the world that our cities are willing to work for the future. That we do believe in climate change. That yes we’re being affected by the rising of the oceans and that yes we are going to take a step, without waiting for Washington. What we would like is for Washington to understand that this is not a democrat or republican issue, that this is a quality of life issue for its residents, “Regalado said.

Eric Garcetti, Mayor of Los Angeles, brought up the significance of the agreement for the environment. “It’s important for our health, for all of us. We will help protect the future of our environment, but also protect our future. “


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