The Black Friday spirit is alive again this year. The competitive online market and the plenty of shopping sites are once again aiming to break the bank through wooing consumers with the very best of deals.

Consumers tend to have tight budgets and will always seek the best deals to satisfy their insatiable needs and wants and save money. With Christmas around the corner, consumers will seek to buy gifts for their families and friends on the cheap. In 2017, Black Friday falls on the 24th of November 2017, exactly a month to Christmas and it is expected that consumers will seize the opportunity as always and shop in plenty.

Almost every shopping site in America hosts a Black Friday sale, but only a few can pull up the sales event like Amazon. “We still have more than four weeks to go until Black Friday actually arrives, but Amazon is already offering some truly terrific deals that will let shoppers start to cross people off their holiday gift lists early,” remarked Maren Estrada from Amazon. He further added, “Some of the highlights from the sale include a spectacular 65-inch 4k Samsung TV for under $1000, a big discount on the wildly popular Yi home security camera, and so much more.”

Discounted prices more often than not lead to an increase in the number of consumers fighting for merchandise in sales events.

Timing is everything for those determined to acquire the deals before they ran out. TechRadar Editor Matt Swider commented,” You will have to move fast to find gifts like iPhone X, SNES Classic and limited quantities of Nintendo Switch to lure you to their websites, hoping you’ll buy that and many other Gift Ideas.” He further remarked, “We’ve already seen some Black Friday ad leaks, which have made their way online several weeks in advance of the official holiday shopping kick off.”

The history of Black Friday dates back to 1952 in the United States. The day has since transformed the holiday shopping season. James Miller, a senior retail consultant, remarked, “there is little doubt Black Friday has dramatically changed the way people shop in the run-up to Christmas and has created an expectation of deep discounts that arguably did not exist before.” A report by LCP consulting found that almost a third of America’s retailers believe Black Friday is “unprofitable and unsustainable.” The population has turned out to be shopping more for less. “Money spent on deeply discounted products in November is money that won’t be spent on more profitable products in December,” remarked Mark Swinder.

Online traffic increase is expected in 2017 s Black Friday and is a major concern to the retailers. On the other hand, the consumer’s major concern is whether stocks will run out. Every year seems that there are record-breaking deals and 2017 is not likely to be an exception. T-Mobile was selling the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus on the cheap and giving away $250 gift cards when shoppers signed up for a two-year contract. The iPhone 7 deal is reported to be one of the best 2016 Black Friday deals. 2017 Black Friday is expected to be one of a kind.


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