Black Panther Coming to theatres near you. Archived Photo.

The new film Black Panther has not yet been released in the United States and has already broken the record of ticket pre-sales.

The story of the superhero “Black Panther” has all the special effects that Marvel fans love .

But this Movie comes with an additional peculiarity: most of the leading actors are black.

For some, this fact is of great importance in the efforts to achieve greater racial inclusion in the major Hollywood productions.

“You never see black superheroes in a big production, the positive model of this is very good,” says actress and activist Jade Anouka from London, who raises funds so more people can watch the film.

The Kenyan actress Lupita Nyong’o, one of the protagonists of Black Panther , defines the film this way: “It is a very moving story, one that is politically and socially conscious”. Below is the trailer to that amazing film.



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