Blue Parrot Shooting

Five dead and 15 injured at Blue Parrot shooting in Playa Del Carmen, Said Rodolfo Del Angel.

Del Angel also told the TV Mileno Station that the act was the result of “a disagreement amid people inside” the nightclub and that security guards had to come under fire when they tried to resolve the dispute.

The state officials declared mentioned that 2 Canadians, 1 Italian and a Colombian Person were considered dead. They did not confirm the reports in the local media about the attack which is assumed to be a drug-dealing dispute.

Also, In a statement, the BOM cited that the security members were killed as well and the incident involved a lone shooter.

The Blue Parrot was said to be hosting a closing party for the Music Festival (the most famous musical festival among foreign tourists).

A Glasgow-based DJ- Jackmaster tweeted about the attack as the first reports came into action:

A Video footage showed a number of people fleeing during the massacre in panic :

Valerie Lee, Mixmag’s US digital editor, who was at Blue Parrot when the incident took place said:

We were there for maybe 20 minutes when we heard four to five shots,” “There is a large cement wall so we kind of crouched underneath waiting to see what was happening. People started saying it was just fireworks. But shortly after other people came running through the area and said they had seen someone with a gun.

Another witness, who gave her name as Angel, told one of the reputed magazines:

We heard what appeared to be gunshots, but a worker told us to calm down, [saying] it was just fireworks. People started getting up and again the shots started. My friends saw the shooter running across the back of the club, shooting into it through a metal rail. One of my friends saw a person shot and bleeding.
“Once the shooting stopped, we jumped over that same fence and ran on the beach about 10 blocks. We were helped by some other partygoers by letting us hang out in their hotel for a few minutes. They saw a guy shot in the head.


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