Body of 3-Year-Old Child Found in Richardson Texas

Richardson, Texas: A body of 3-the year-old child found in the search hunt for Sherin Mathews has been discovered which is most likely the Texas girl who went missing two weeks back after her adoptive father punished her at 3 AM for not drinking her milk.

After the child went missing on October 7, the police had scoured the Texas Suburbs, Richardson, 15 miles north of Dallas. The police brought in their specialized search dogs and canvassed the area door to door and from helicopters while on the lookout for adopted girl Sherin Mathews in the coyote-prone area.

Father Charged With Abandoning And Endangering the Child

The adoptive father, Wesley Mathews was charged with abandoning and endangering the 3-year-old after leaving her outside at 3 AM. According to reports, Sherin was on a special diet to gain weight which required her to be fed every time she woke up.

Wesley and his wife Sini had adopted Sherin from an orphanage in India two years before the incident. She suffered from malnourishment and was underweight at the time. Her eating problems had also led to her being underdeveloped and lacking the basic language skills of a 3-Year-Old.

According to the Arrest warrant affidavit, he told her to stand near a tree approximately 100 ft away from their home across an alleyway as a punishment because she wouldn’t drink her milk. He later told the police that he was aware that the area was dangerous and coyotes had been spotted where he asked her to stay.

After 15 minutes, when he went to bring her back, she wasn’t there. When he couldn’t find her, he went inside thinking he would find her later in daylight and washed a load of laundry while waiting.

All this while, the child’s mother was sleeping and is said to be unaware of her husband’s actions. The father has been released on bond but has been asked to wear an ankle monitor until the hearing.

Sgt. Kevin Perlich told the Associated Press how they were concerned over the fact that Mathews didn’t report the missing child until 5 hours after the incident.

Body Found is Most Likely the Missing 3-Year-Old Texas Child Sherin Mathews

As the case unfolded, it was found that a family member took the family-owned maroon colored Acura SUV between 4-5 AM after the child went missing on Oct 7. Just two days after the 3-year-old’s disappearance, Child Protective Services took custody of her 4-year-old sister. The Mathews family has a court hearing scheduled Monday to regain the child’s custody while the discovered body is being investigated.

The body was found on Sunday around 11 AM in a culvert near East Spring Valley and South Bowser roads, east of U.S. Highway 75, with the help of search dogs in hunt of Sherin Mathews.

“The indications are that it is most likely her, however, we have not had a positive ID. So until we have a positive identification we are not going to say it is Sherin.”, said Sgt. Kevin Perlich.

The medical examiner will determine the child’s identification and cause of death. The community held a memorial for her near the tree where she was last spotted by her adoptive father.


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