The then House Speaker John Boehner during a press conference at the Capitol in Washington on February 26, 2015. J. Scott Applewhite AP Photo

House Speaker John Boehner predicted Thursday that the reformed US Obamacare health system will not be repealed.

“Republicans will never agree on medical care,” the Ohio Republican said.

The repeal and total replacement of the so-called “Obamacare” is something that “will not happen,” he said.

Boehner, who was expelled by conservatives in 2015, said he began to laugh when he heard that President Donald Trump and Republicans promised swift action to undo and replace the healthcare law enacted by the Barack Obama administration.

In any case, Republicans in Congress “are going to fix Obamacare. I would not call it a repeal and a replacement because that is not going to happen,” he added. “Most of the structure of the Affordable Care Act will remain there.”

Boehner spoke at a health care conference in Orlando. His statements were quoted by CTN News.

When he was chairman of the lower house, Boehner repeatedly pledged to repeal and replace “Obamacare” in its entirety and even presided over a 2013 government palliative move aimed at leaving that law without financial resources.

Boehner spokesman Dave Schnittger confirmed the accuracy of statements made, but said the company omitted some context. He said Boehner was confident that Republicans would “correct many of Obamacare’s mistakes, if his preference is to call that a repair, replacement, or something else.”

“His point was that the process of doing it from start to finish will not be instantaneous and I think that has already been confirmed by recent events,” added Schnittger.

However, Boehner’s comments seemed to support the resolution of a group of conservatives in the House of Representatives, called Freedom Caucus, who caused him endless problems when he was there leader.


The group responded to Boehner via Twitter, saying: “We made a promise to the American people. The Freedom Caucus remains 100% committed to repeal and total replacement.”

House Republicans intend to introduce legislation in the coming weeks to replace the main elements of the US Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) with a new system which includes tax credits, health savings accounts and the creation of high-risk groups, but key details still remain unknown.


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