Former British PM has said that U.K. citizens should think again regarding the decision to leave the EU. He added that Britain must have an open option on its decision to keep itself outside the European Union until the deal is cleared.

In an interview he said that if the deal on leaving Europe does not make sense or makes it not worthy or it can cause serious implication then British citizens should think again and people may decide to retain a position in the European Union.

He also proposed some ways through which the decision of June’s referendum can be changed as by vote in the parliament or another referendum after the deal.

He also said that once the options and other alternatives have been weighed, people could make a better informed decision on this issue.

Well! This is not the only voice against the Brexit. Many politicians, media personals and prominent personalities have showed their concerns regarding the difficulties and implications in abiding results from the June referendum. According to reports, there are five legal challenges against Brexit.

The British government still does not make public the details about the deal with Europe and any kind of negotiation underway or on the table with the European Union. The trade deal’s future is also not clear.

PM made perfectly cleared that further talks will begin around March 2017.

This means that if the British people did not change their mind, U.K. will exit the union in early 2019.


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