British actress Emma Chambers Star of Movie Notting Hill - Died Google Images Labeled for reuse.

British actress Emma Chambers, who played a younger sister to Hugh Grant’s character in the picture “Notting Hill,” passed-away on Wednesday at only 53 years old, the administrative team revealed today.

“Ema has created a lot of characters and a huge resume. She has brought laughter and joy, “said the actor’s agent, John Grant.

Emma Chambers was actually better-known for her character in the BBC broadcast “Dibley’s Vicar” (1994-2007) with Roger Michell’s “Notting Hill” (1999), starring with actress Julia Roberts as well as actor Hugh Grant.

Emma Chambers was born in 1964 in Don-caster, within the English region of Yorkshire, has died on Wednesday evening, doctors say it was of “natural causes.

RIP Emma.


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