British Columbia Declares State Of Emergency Thanks To Flooding

State of emergency had been declared Friday evening within the village of Cache Creek, in which numerous roadway closures are in effect due to water damage. Cache Creek situated around 80 kilometres northwest from Kamloops and almost 340 kilometres northeast of Vancouver Itself. 

Saturday, numerous streets within the Inner parts were closed-up as a result of this flood, including Freeway 3A between Keremeos & Freeway 97, that is closed up due to a mud-slides, basing on information provided by “Drive BC”.

Route 8 is also closed down in both directions, 24 kilometres just west of Merritt due to another wash out, without  not time set by ministry crews to re-open. Within Cache Creek, the northbound expressway of Freeway 97 was closed up in the crossroads with Freeway 1, likewise due to water damage, however has since reopened.

Meanwhile, the Community of Summerland has recently declared a state of emergency tof its own this week, as did the Mill Creek region of Kelowna due to waterways as well as creeks puffing up creating high early springtime surplus water runoff.

A report coming from Summerland on social networks points out that the Aeneas Creek has likewise breached the banks, flooding a few properties in Garnet Valley.

Authorities are worried that if the river levels keep increasing, the flooding water might affect an even more significant area.

Area workers will definitely be building berms throughout the Garnet Valley location in which  local floods had occurred, diverting the waters back in to the creek.

Citizens are being requested to take additional safety measure when close to stream as well as any kind of waterways.


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