Password manager deals with the use of password management software to secure private information or to restrict access to a particular file, information or account from a third party. A password manager can help save login details into any account. This modern computing technique is not applicable to individuals only but also business organizations, in fact, it is more required by business organizations than individuals. But nevertheless, it is an aspect that is often neglected by business bodies.

Mistakes dealing with passwords involve the use of easily guessed password that hackers can obtain effortlessly; it would be very easy to get a password that is peculiar to the name, location or even notable occurrences. For example, Helen Stone Food stores, having a password like STONE101, can be easily guessed by an intruder or a hacker. Another mistake is that many business organizations use the same password for all their accounts or drive, which is unsafe because if a third party obtains the password, all accounts of activity using that same password – already obtained by the hacker or intruder are vulnerable.

The danger of having sensitive passwords is more than you think because no one knows the intention of the hacker or the intruder, it can be used by a competitor, and might lead to the demise of the business or decrease the regular sales and might even lead to losing of account, if not retrieved. Imagine the havoc it will cause, if a third party gains access to your online banking or shopping accounts.  Bank accounts contain information that fuels the business, like the bank account number, business owner name, addresses, and so on. You should have a strong password for your business accounts on social network accounts as well, as you wouldn’t want an intruder to have access to these accounts and use the business accounts to black paints your business reputation.

So, as a business person, it is crucial to have a secure password, unique to all accounts of activity; though this is difficult because it’s hard to keep in mind many different obscure passwords, it guarantees the safety of your information and accounts. The most convenient way to accomplish this goal is through the use of password manager.

There are many password managers but based on popularity, for Mac, there is 1Password, KeePassX for Linux and Windows users, RoboForm and Windows. They allow you to save your passwords safely in a single location that a third party cannot access, except with your permission. The passwords are easily retrieved. It is easy to hassle out account security with password manager software, providing you with the safety and peace of mind, even if you have a series of different and strong passwords for your business.

Password managers also come with several useful characteristics that make the experience even simpler.

  • They generate strong passwords and store them automatically
  • They work alongside with your web browser of choice and handle tasks like safe navigation and login input automatically, which increases the web browsing experience generally
  • While creating accounts, it will provide random and secure passwords, for you to pick
  • Can be configured to fill requisite information, like address, name and email address when used on the internet

For these reasons and more, it is software that every business should have.  Passwords are meant for security purpose and meant to protect information, accounts, and drives from intruders, hackers or third parties.


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