California: An 8-year-old boy in Third Grade was killed with a hammer while trying to save his sister from lewd acts of 28-year-old Chaneyy Jr. Dante Daniels, his mother, and sister were hospitalized after they were attacked with a hammer and fluid lighter. Dante died a week later and his heart has been donated to a 4-year-old in Southern California.

28-Year-Old, Chaneyy Jr. was performing lewd acts on 7-year-old girl

On 1st September, the mother of deceased child Dante had left her two children in the care of her ex-boyfriend Chaney while she took her brother to work. Chaney was performing lewd acts on 7-year-old girl when 8-year-old Dante stepped in to save his sister.

“Trying to save his sister from this child molester and that’s why he was beat the worst”, told the grieving grandmother Ms. Brown to the Associated Press.

When Elizabeth Salone returned home, she heard one child crying and ran to see what was happening. Deandre Chaney beat the young Dante brutally with a hammer injuring his spine and brain. He also attacked the young girl with a knife and hammer.

On Salone’s arrival, he struck her with a hammer three times and poured lighter fluid on her left eye. He then stole a few things and fled in his ex-girlfriend’s car.

Dante Died One Week Later

Dante succumbed to his injuries and died six weeks later. His mother has become blind from her left eye and the little girl will need a lot of help. The family has also started a gofundme campaign for help with the medical bills and counseling the kid and mother would need.

“This guy beat my grandson with a hammer, down to his spine. They couldn’t save his brain.”

Monique Brown, the grandmother of kids told how Dante was a sensitive boy but acted as a hero in last moments of his short life. She also shared how the accused left the kids and his daughter to die but they survived due to prayers and the faith in good over evil.

“Dante gave his heart to a 4-year-old in southern California. So a 4-year-old lives on because of him.”, she added.

Chaney Charged with Murder, Attempted Murder and Lewd Acts on a Child below 14 years

After fleeing the scene, Chaney was hiding in a shed in Winnemucca, Nevada from where he was arrested on September 2. He has a history of violence and is known to law enforcement. After committing the crime, he broke his parole ankle monitor and fled the scene.

He was subsequently snubbed and has been charged with murder, attempted murder and lewd acts on a child under 14 years. As of now, he is held without bail and is yet to plea. No attorney was available for comment on his behalf.

The Gofundme campaign launched by Brown’s sister has collected over $45000 for covering medical bills and counseling thereafter.


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