Storm Blasted the Sierra Nevada

A powerful storm swept across Northern California on Sunday, bringing up the threat of severe flooding and avalanche. As the Eastern Coastal region of the country recovered from the first winter storm of 2017 that resulted in iced roads.

A massive storm blasted the Sierra Nevada with powerful waves of rain and snowfall on Sunday.

According to the reports, a chain of storm from the East Pacific, congregating the moisture around the tropic, aimed at the central and the northern region of California- expected to deliver heavy rain and several feet of snow in Sierra Nevada.

The forecaster said that the storm system could crash the region with precipitation through Wednesday.

Tony Fuentes, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Reno said:

We haven’t had a winter like this in 10 years,”. “There’s a lot of rain coming through northern California. Any kind of stream or river or creek or low lying areas can see some flooding.

Up to 8 inches of rain was expected across San Joaquin Valleys and Sacramento. The river- Truckee, that flows through downtown Reno, was expected to outburst into a major flood stage on Sunday.

The Sierra Avalanche Center issued a warning in terms of avalanche for the area surrounded the Lake Tahoe, stating the risk of natural and human-triggered avalanches are high elevations.

Torrential rain and heavy snowfall is also expected in Sierra Nevada.

The National Weather Service in Reno announced on Twitter:

“Atmospheric River is here.”

The roads to the Yosemite National Park in central California were also closed. A number of school in Reno and surrounding areas in the northwest Nevada canceled their classes for Monday.

The mayor of South Lake Tahoe informed the residents to stay at home on Sunday and Monday and also asked them to clear the snow from the roofs in order to prevent the snow accumulation from damaging the buildings.

In Nevada, Gov. Brian Sandoval declared a state of emergency Saturday night as flooding was forecast to hit counties in the northwest part of the state beginning Sunday. Officials there also warned residents to stay home if possible. Trailer parks along the river could be seriously affected, while a foot of water was expected to flood downtown Reno.

Whereas in Nevada, Governor Brian Sandoval declared a state of emergency on Saturday night due to the flooding forecast to hit various parts of the countries, specially in the northwest part of the state beginning, on Sunday.

Governor Sandoval said in a statement:

This isn’t an if, this is going to happen,”.“We do have the benefit of knowing that it’s going to happen and being able to prepare for this.

The National Weather Services in Boston had also reported the snowfall observations as high as 19.5 inches in East Bridgewater, somewhere near the Atlantic coast.


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