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Two Canadians adopted a Pet Pig named Molly, brought her home to reside with  them. However just a month’s time later, these people killed the pet pig and ate it for an evening meal. 

Believe it or not, in Canada, pets are actually thought of as property , for that reason, the act that the  twosome carried out is not actually unlawful.

Protests Begin

Protesters as well as people from social media networks have  actually started to collect signatures because of this action, demanding that more animal protection is needed in the country.

Molly was actually liberated about a year ago, together with 57 various other Vietnamese hogs, through the Community for Prevention of Animal Cruelty within British Columbia, Canada.

Pet or no Pet

The Pet Pig quickly put on weight, and also It’s overall health greatly improved.

All this started in January, when a couple adopted the pig, but not long after, maybe a month or so, killed her in order to eat it.

According to the Wild Animal Fair treatment network, the pet pigs owners quickly climbed up the Snapchat social media network – from where, the material continues to be getting massive attention – video clips show them seasoning the pet porker, getting it ready for cooking.

What makes it special?

” It takes a special kind of person to adopt an animal and take it home to kill it and eat it,” the defensive RASTA has published in her Facebook profile page..

The animal  organisation groups have likewise spread the info about  the pet parents for Molly, whose Instagram user is @ Austin_forget, published in the social media network.

Inside the remarks, identified as chuckling, have actually murdered the pet and now, encounters various other individuals that pass judgement on theit actions..

” I assume you’re a vegetarian feminist,” they responds to a female that wishes them “the worst” of what they did.

Facebook reacts

Consequently, the couple distributed a Facebook text message, which they later quickly erased, where he ascertains that they did not actually adopt Molly the Pig with the objective of killing it..

He acknowledged his “remorse and regret” plus clarified that they made a decision to only kill the animal “when-and if it became aggressive”. ”

Kindly be aware of that I am human, I realize that what I did was wrong and that I can not fix it, I can only continue to apologize,” he published, according to the Global News internet site.

Animals and Property

” Because animals are considered property under [Canadian] law, once an adoption agreement is made, that person is the legal owner of the animal, be it a dog, a cat or a pig,” Lorie explained. Chortyk, general business manager from Community Relations from the Society with regard to the Prevention of Animal Cruelty via British Columbia to Global News..

” If we could pay a fine to make people feel better, we would do it.” said the couple.



  1. I’m from be and I feel that these people if you would call them that should go to prison for animal cruelty…all breathing and living things are of Gods creation. Pour baby may Molly R.I.P. Ps not all Canadians are sickos most of us respect our animals. I fought my child to be loving. Caring. Respectful to to all of Gods creations on earth I’m a animal rights activist and my child is going to university to be a conservationist we have given a lot in our lives for animals and so on. Animals are our lives. I hope and pray the owners get the punishment they deserve. Pets are not property. The are family Signed animal lovers from bc Canada


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