Car Bomb detonates in Turkish City

A car bomb detonates in the Turkish CIty of Izmir outside a courthouse, kills two people and leaving at least 5 injured. Right after a massacre in an Istanbul nightclub that killed around 39 reveller, now leaves the country on the edge.

According to the Turkish authorities 2 gunmen were also killed in a shootout following the attack in the city of Izmir. The third one somehow managed to escape.

The Kurdish militants have also boosted their lethal insurgency during the recent months. The target led some officials to suggest that the incident was carried out by one of the Kurdish Militant groups.

Erol Ayyıldız, Provincial Governor blamed that the massacre was carried out by one of the severals groups of Kurdish militants.

The attacks carried out Isis in Turkey targeted the soft civilians and the political rallies, whereas groups like PKK have targeted police officers and soldiers, as well as the famous state institutions, says the authorities.

A police officer and court employee were killed in the blast, said the Turkish deputy Prime Minister Veysi Kaynak. He added that the weapons found at the site suggested that a much larger attack had said to be foiled.

Kaynak told reporters:

Based on the preparation, the weapons, bombs and ammunition seized, it is understood that a big atrocity was being planned.

The explosion unfolds a near courthouse’s entrance which is used by the judges and other prosecutors. The images from the scene showed the fire flames erupting around the car as the smoke filled the air all around.

The terror group PKK tried to launch around 313 thwarted attacks throughout the year of 2016, when compared to 22 from the Islamic State Terror Group, the interior minister of the country stated on Thursday.


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