Catalan Independence

Spain High Courts summoned ousted Political leader and President Carles Puigdemont and 13 other members of the dismissed Govt. to appear later this week and testify on Thursday and Friday. He has also been given three days to deposit the sum of $7.2 million for potential liabilities.

On October 1, the deposed President launched an independence referendum despite Madrid’s opposition. The referendum was declared after 90% of Catalonia’s population backed independence. However, the turnout was only 43%.

The Constitutional Court had also declared these votes illegal. As a result, the Spain Govt. took control of the semi-autonomous region, fired the Catalan leaders and dissolved the parliament. They have also called for regional elections on 21 December.

Why Catalonia Crisis Matters to Spain?

The Catalan Independence crisis can have a negative impact on the eurozone and Spain’s economy as a whole. Catalonia alone contributes to 19 percent of Spain’s GDP and 25.6% of Spain’s exports. A total of 20.7% of foreign investment is accounted for by the rich and wealthy Catalonia nation whose taxes are held by the Spain Govt.

Catalan Independence: The Latest Situation for the Former President

Catalan Leader Puigdemont had left for Brussels along with his trusted 13 members who are now being summoned to Spain to testify or they could be charged by the prosecutors. The summons comes after the news where Spain’s chief prosecutor stated he would press allegations against the dismissed leaders.

The rebellion charges account to a minimum of 30-years jail time. Mr. Puigdemont, 54, has promised to return to Spain if he is guaranteed a fair hearing. He also stated how he left to keep his people safe and accused the Spain Govt. of using violence against his people.

Respecting The Decision of Upcoming Elections

The former president stated how he had fled not to seek political asylum but speak freely on behalf of his people. He has also agreed to respect the decisions of the upcoming snap elections.

“I want a clear commitment from the state. Will the state respect the results that could give separatist forces a majority?”

The whole crisis is being watched by the nervous countries where it is speculated to damage the whole region economically causing a new Stability for the European country.


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