Be that as it may, Celine Dion always seems to be at the forefront of what is know as Music. Now she achieved it by joining the soundtrack of Deadpool 2 .

The video of the song Ashes , which is part of the sequel to the superhero, was published on YouTube and in less than 24 hours it became the number one video on the trends of the platform.

At a musical level, the song keeps the Canadian singer in her comfort zone, a ballad that exploits the powerful voice of the renowned artist.

The video plays with the humor of Deadpool , one of the films that has enjoyed a greater popularity than many expected.

The added value came at the end, when the Québécois singer interacts with the character, played by the also Canadian, Ryan Reynolds , to give it a touch of humor that goes in line with the film.

The video, published this Thursday, already adds more than one million views:


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