Samsung’s New Chromebook

It is not much of a surprise, That Samsung launches its new Chromebooks at CES this year. It has been just a while since the Korean manufacturer updated its new line of Chrome OS powered laptops.

Talking of Samsung’s new Chromebook- Plus and pro can be considered as the best of the bunch. It is incorporated with a vibrant 2,400 X 1,600 display, a 360-degree hinge and shhh has a trick hidden up somewhere in its sleeve- THE GOOGLE PLAY STORE.

That’s true! Samsung has manufactured the first Chromebook which designed with Android capabilities. Incorporated with built-in stylus with digitizers, latest context menus and a complete accelerometer support.

The only difference these Chromebooks (the Plus and Pro) holds is the processor, which is said to be an ARM hexa-core chip from Samsung’s own making known as OP1 in the Plus. Otherwise, both systems are completely identical.

Talking About The Hardware

Chromebooks will receive an update allowing them to use Google play store, it has only system built with that very use case in mind. The built-in accelerometer enables you to play the Android games without any issues, along with a special beta version of Chrome OS, which is designed to be more receptive to a trackpad and a keyboard.

Samsung’s new Chromebook- key spaces

First take on Chromebook:

The Highs

  • A complete Google Play Store support
  • Attractive and sturdy hardware
  • Comes with a Vibrant screen
  • Very Versatile form factor

The Lows

  • It is priced at the top end of the market
  • Stylus’ usefulness endures to be seen


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