Xiaomi’s new MiTV 4

The leading tech company Xiaomi kicked off its CES debut with an announcement of launching its latest Mi TV 4. Adding new boundaries of innovations, Mi TV is said to has a 4.9 mm thick frameless metal body.

The television comes with a soundbar that has around 10 speakers, a subwoofer and support for Dolby Atmos surround sound. Xiaomi will launch the 65-inch of the Mi TV to be shipped in China.

At the back Mi TV 4 comes with a brushed metal cover, to which Hugo Barra referred as “very understated” transparent stand.

Talking about operating system, Xiaomi is using and AI driven systems and its PatchWall UI. This offers the users a personalized recommendations from a million of titles. Mi TV 4 also uses an adaptive grid that Barra pointed out to be inspired from a modern magazine layouts.

Have a look at Xiaomi’s new Mi TV:

Key Specs:

  • 4K display (3,840 x 2,160 pixels)
  • 4.9mm ultra-thin metal body
  • Dolby and DTS dual audio decoding
  • Deep learning AI system for intelligent recommendations
  • Available in Sizes: 49″/ 55″/ 65″
  • Quad-core 64-bit flagship TV processor
  • Independent Dolby Atmos cinematic sound system


Mi TV 4 has been crafted by keeping a modular design in mind. The TV is said to be separated in 2 parts: Mi TV bar and a 4K display, which further integrates both in the motherboard and a completely independent sound system that includes the upfiring speakers.

These speakers, combines with a subwoofer and 2 rear wireless satellite speakers and forms Mi TV 4 Dolby Atmos Home Theater.

Mi TV 4 can be upgraded easily, as just by changing the Mi TV Bar will make the television a brand new product, while keeping the 4K panel completely unchanged.

Mi TV4 will only be available in China, with an estimated price under $ 2,000 USD for its 65- inch version that will come to you with the Dolby Atmos home theater.

Know more about Xiaomi:

The company was found in the year of 2010 by a serial entrepreneur- LEI JUN based on the vision “innovation for everyone”. With more than 70 million handsets sold all across the globe in 2015, Xiaomi is expanding its footprints so as to become a global brand.


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