A Venezuelan opposition activist holds a Molotov cocktail lit during clashes with riot police in Caracas on April 10, 2017. FEDERICO PARRA Conspiracy Talk News

Chavez announced Monday a series of protests to commemorate 15 years of the failed coup that briefly removed the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez from power (1999-2013), while announcing that he will take action against opponents of the government of Nicolás Maduro .

The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) will request the Prosecutor’s Office “an investigation of Mayor David Smolansky for his irresponsible statements through social networks in which he says that the government of Nicolás Maduro, would be using chemical weapons against demonstrators” , said the Chavista leader Elías Jaua.

During a press conference, the vice president of the official formation for the central region noted that “in this continent the only ones that have weapons of mass destruction are the Government of the United States of America”.

Jaua said that “he also bears responsibility to the irresponsible governor of Miranda, Henrique Capriles, who being the guarantor of public order is at the head of the promotion of public disorder, violence and terrorism.”

The Minister of Education and Vice President for Social Affairs of the oil nation, who was referring to the recent opposition protests, did not say whether the Chavez party will file a formal protest against Capriles.

Consulted on the administrative disqualification of Capriles for 15 years, imposed by the Comptroller’s Office a few days ago, Jaua, who was measured against the opponent by the Governor of Miranda, stated that “it was time” for the governor to be sanctioned.

The minister applauded the measure before “so many outrages, by use of the platform and the resources of the government to promote destabilization and an obsessive presidential candidacy.”

He also said that Capriles “should be arrested, because he is mandated by the Constitution … to be a guarantor of public order in the state that governs,” he said referring to anti-government protests in which the opponent participated within the state of Miranda.

The period for which he was sanctioned, which could frustrate Capriles’ plans for the Venezuelan presidency, will start counting from the moment the opponent leaves the public office he currently holds.

The official also announced a series of activities from tomorrow, and until next Wednesday, when he called the people “to march in defense of our sovereignty and our independence,” the same day the opposition has called a ” National protest “.

The events announced by Chavismo will be “in correspondence with the celebration of the 15 years of the rebellion that defeated the brief but brutal dictatorship of (Pedro) Carmona Estanga validated by these same spokesmen that we see today promoting terrorist actions,” he added.

Carmona was the most visible man of the 2002 coup, he was in charge of Venezuela a little more than 24 hours after declaring himself Chávez’s successor and dissolving the public powers. When the attempt failed, he escaped and went into exile in Colombia.


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