Children killed in air attack by Afghan forces in Kunduz Google image labeled for reuse

Dozens of noncombatants, such as kids, have been murdered in an Afghan air campaign on a religious academic institution in the northerly district of Kunduz, eyewitnesses pointed out.

A religious institution within the Dasht-e-Achin community for the Kunduz district was undoubtedly targeted with air raids late Sunday, leaving 70 individuals dead, consisting of leading Taliban commanding officers, a community representative was actually quoted as saying on condition of not revealing his identity.

Defense Department spokesperson, Mohammad Radmanish, explained that the air-strike was actually focused on “top Taliban commanders”.

” The airstrike killed more than 30 Taliban fighters, including nine commanders,” he stated.

“The Taliban training centre was bombed and no civilians were present.”

The Taliban denied its own fighters were actually present in the schoolhouse during the moment of the assault..

‘ I am not a terrorist’.

Eye witness informed press reporters that their were “a great deal of civilians” and the families of those killed in the attack “were devastated”.

” There were children as young as 11 or 12 years old in the ceremony who were to be presented with awards and gifts for the completion of their religious courses,” Mohammed Abdul Haq, whom saw the air strike, said to news media reporters.

” Mothers are crying outside the hospitals for their dead children and everyone is crying with them,” this individual included..

Various other eye witness claimed that over ONE HUNDRED individuals were actually killed in that assault.

” I was working in my farm when I heard helicopters and jets bombing the madrassa (spiritual academic institution) where the Taliban were gathered alongside new Qaris (the ones who memories the 30 chapters of the Quran) to recognise them with awards,” Haji Ghulam shared.

” The Taliban are active in the area, but in the ceremony was attended mostly by children mostly young boys.”.

Haji stated the closer he got to the location, he seen been lots of youngsters that were killed as well as badly injured.

” It was a disaster. Blood everywhere,” he stated, saying that the amount of folks killed were “many”.

Photos flowing on the social media sites revealed a variety of young children have been eliminated, followed by the expression: “I am not a terrorist.” Our team could in no way independently confirm the pictures.. The Taliban pointed out “the air strike killed around 150 religious scholars and civilians, mostly children, were among the dead and wounded.”.

The organization denied its soldiers were actually in the school.


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