In this image of Friday, October 13, 2017, Luis Sierra sleeps in a classroom of a school converted into a refuge, after Hurricane Maria left him and other homeless families in Toa Baja, Puerto Rico.

Alanys Arroyo and his younger siblings have been refugees for weeks at a school in Puerto Rico , but have not been to class.

They live on a converted campus in western Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria flooded their home and destroyed their belongings, trying to pass the time while their family waits for any kind of help in replacing the devastated apartment they lost in that severe and life changing storm.

Arroyo, now 15, helps his mother clean the classroom where they sleep.

The boys play with a soccer ball and run down the aisles to keep from dying from being bored.

Yes, they are bored and getting increasingly frustrated, this is very widespread among young Puerto Ricans who remain frozen in time almost a month after the hurricane.

Most schools are closed and boys spend their time playing on downed trees or using the valuable battery power to temporarily use the cell phones to play a game, waiting for life to return to normal as adults around them struggle to rebuild their lives.

“The days are long,” Alanys said as he washed what was left of the family’s clothing in a plastic trash can. “I miss studying.”


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