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When your child or the child of a loved one is getting christened or baptised, this can be a very special moment. It is a day to spend with family and to signify that the child is precious to god.

It is an event of faith, hope and love and is an event that parents want to make perfect for their child.

There are many things to think about when organising a christening such as the location, the reception, the guests, the invites and the photography. One of the most important things to organise is the christening gown. While in this day and age, a traditional gown is not compulsory, many families like to stick with tradition and opt for a formal christening gown.

With so much to already organise, it is important to make the process of finding a gown as easy as possible. Furthermore, finding the best gown possible for a reasonable price is also important. This way, the photos taken at the christening can be looked upon fondly and passed down the generations.

There is nothing worse than putting in a lot of time, love and energy to organising such an event, only to have an ill-fitting garment or one that just doesn’t look right. To best combat this, this article will explore some easy and basic steps to finding the best christening gowns that are respectful of the important occasion and are sure to impress.

Step 1 – Decide on how traditional the outfit is going to be

Traditionally, a white christening gown is worn by girls and boys and usually contains some kind of embroidery. For families who wish to stay with these traditional roots, many shops offer replicas of antique and vintage gowns from the 1900s that are perfect for those who are wanting customary garments. As time went on, it became less traditional for boys to wear full christening dresses and instead could wear a romper with a skirt option.

This option is still traditional while giving the choice to remove the skirt after the ceremony. For those who are wanting to go for something completely modern, they are many choices out there such as linen suits, rompers with jackets and caps and even two-piece sets (white t-shirts and shorts).

There are even non-white options out there for those who wish to incorporate a little colour. Once the parents have decided how traditional they would like to go, they are then able to find a store that offers what they are looking for.

Step 2 – Shop around

After the decision has been made about what type of garment is desired, the next step is to shop around. Friends, family and co-workers may have some great recommendations about where to go, so it is wise for parents to chat with others about their experiences.

It is also easy enough to jump online and to check out some web-based stores. The great thing about searching online is that the prices are usually clearly displayed.

The only downside is that the garment will need to be purchased before it can be tried on. Because of this, it is important to buy in advance when shopping online. It is also wise to clarify the returns procedure with the store in the event that the garment doesn’t fit. It is also important to not buy too far in advance in case the child outgrows it.

Step 3 – Enjoy the day

With all of the running around that be involved when planning such an event, many people forget to simply enjoy the day. Stress can be removed by planning as much in advance as possible, by asking friends and family for help and by staying organised.

Once everything is put into place, there is nothing left that can be done except to enjoy the precious moment and to feel gratitude for the special life that is been acknowledged and celebrated.


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