Christie and trump

The President-elect Donald Trump offered the Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie a number of positions in his brand new administration.

It’s true!!

Reportedly, the former candidate of the Republican Presidential nominee just turned them down.

The sources having the knowledge of Trump’s transitional efforts informed NJ advanced media about the denial.  

The sources also noted that Christie, Trump’s adviser and a friend since ages, was not reportedly offered the role of attorney general of the US- A post coveted by the governor.

Added to which, it is being said that the Cabinet- level jobs offered by Trump counted-in positions like Homeland Security Secretary, the Veterans Affairs Secretary, the White House Advisory and the U.S ambassador of Italy.

It was confirmed prior this week that Christie will not be assuming any other job he lobbied for. The sources also requisitioned anonymity as they are not authorized in order to publicly discuss the matter.

Therefore, despite months of the contemplation over where Christie might land in the White House, it seems like the governor have decided to finish out his second and final term, which is expected to end on January 2018.

Christie did not consider any of the post offered to be a good fit- The sources.


The epiphany come amid a number of questions over why Christie and the New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani- who were said to be the two most loyal


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