Trump during a meeting on border security at the White House last Tuesday. Jabin Botsford The Washington Post

WASHINGTON – The Central Intelligence Agency denied today that a mysterious Russian character scammed $100,000 from CIA spies for information, involving President Donald Trump, and other data on cyber espionage.

“The fictional story that the CIA was scammed with $100,000 is obviously false,” a CIA spokesman told Conspiracy Talk News, who said that, in reality, the people who have been scammed are the Times journalist , Matt Rosenberg and the Intercept journalist, James Risen, who published the story.

In his article, the New York Times , which cites US sources and Russian communications, assures that the man who defrauded US spies is a Russian citizen, whose identity he will not release, and who is known by the Russian intelligence services and by groups of cybernetic pirates.

The character offered cybernetic weapons to hack the system of the National Security Agency (NSA) and material that he claimed was supposedly compromising for the US President, the newspaper said.

According to the newspaper, the negotiations were carried out last year, using the Americans as an intermediary to a businessman of that same nationality residing in Germany, and ended after the Russian made delivery of worthless or false material.

Among the materials he provided was a video in which Trump allegedly appeared with two women, without sound, although the image could not be verified if it was indeed the American Leader.

The dark Russian character, according to the information, also provided false bank records, emails and alleged reports from Russian intelligence services.

Trump echoed this information on Saturday from his Twitter account, and said he hopes “that people will now see and understand what is happening here,” without further explanation.

“Now everything is starting to come out,” added the president, without clarifying anything about the veracity of the versions or if it is information that attempts to discredit his administration.


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