CIA meets secretly with leader of North Korea - Google image labelled for reuse

The game has begun. The director of the CIA, Mike Pompeo, met secretly last week with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un. 

The talks aimed to prepare the thorny face-to-face meeting of the Supreme Leader of N Korea with the US president, Donald Trump, to deal with the denuclearization of the Asian country.

The sending to a hostile land of one of the strong men of the White House and future secretary of state shows that the preparations for the summit are on track. 

President Trump himself recalled that, if nothing goes wrong, the meeting will be held in early June and there are five locations in play. 

None in the United States. 

“Pompeo met with Kim Jong-un last week, he met without problems and a good relationship was formed, now the details of the relationship are being worked on, denuclearization will be important for the world, but also for North Korea “, tweeted Trump today.


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