Clashes on the Israel and Gaza Border Photo John perking CTN News

Israeli security forces armed with riot gear this Friday confronted hundreds of Palestinians who approached the Gaza-Israel separation fence on the day when Hamas and the other factions have called for protest marches.

On the Israeli side, shots are heard and smoke is seen, while on the Gaztan side, ambulances and hundreds of Palestinians are approaching the border, according to local media.

Although the organizers pointed out that the tents which are being set up in preparation for the marches and camping that have begun  on the occasion of “La Marcha del Retorno” , they would maintain a distance of about 700 meters from the border, it can be seen that the Protesters are about 200 meters from the fence.

According to the Israeli army,  “hundreds of Palestinians are demonstrating violently in six different places of the Gaza Strip, rolling tires burning and throwing stones at the security fence”, while the Israeli military “respond with riot gear and shots against the main instigators. “

For his part, the Secretary General of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), Saeb Erekat, declared on Friday that “the Israeli Government has been preparing the ground to attack unarmed Palestinian civilians who are demonstrating on the Day of the Earth”.

The “Return March”

These clashes are taking place in the context of  the “March of Return” protests promoted by all the Palestinian factions  that are calling the population to camp and march towards the borders with Israel and claim their right to return to what is now Israel, and that have started this Friday and will be continuing over six weeks, until next May 15.

For the protests, they have erected dozens of tents in five locations along the border. The organizers, including the Islamist Hamas, which dominates Gaza,  expect thousands of Palestinians to respond to their call  to demonstrations along the border.

The date of March 30th is the start of the protest, has been chosen because it is the  “Earth Day”, when the day is commemorated for the six Arab citizens that were killed  by Israeli security forces during the demonstrations in 1976 for the confiscations of land in northern Israel by the government.

The demonstrations will end on May 15th, the day the Palestinians call “Nakba” or “catastrophe,” marking the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in the conflict surrounding the creation of Israel in 1948.

A Palestinian dead and another wounded

On Friday,  one Palestinian was killed and another was wounded in southern Gaza by gunfire from an Israeli tank when they approached the separation fence with Israel, the Israeli army and Palestinian health sources have reported.

“Two suspects approached the separation fence in the southern Gaza Strip early in the morning in a suspicious manner, and an army tank fired on them,” one of them died, said an Israeli army spokesman.

Omar Samur, 27 years old, lost his life east of Kan Yunis, said Gazette Health Ministry spokesman Ashaf al Qedra, who said  Israel had fired on “Palestinian farmers . “

The residents of Kan Yunis assured that the Palestinian farmer was harvesting crops at the time to sell later.

Israel reinforces security

According to the military chief of the Israeli security forces,  more than 100 snipers have been deployed on the Gaza border  before mass demonstrations near the border. 

The Israeli army has imposed a  zone of “no go” for the Palestinians on Gaza land  adjacent to the border of Israel.

Heavy land vehicles have accumulated piles of land on the Israeli side of the border and barbed wire has been placed as an additional obstacle against any massive attempt to breach the border with Israeli territory.


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