A Canadian arrived in Sydney in 2016 after a dream journey that was broadcast on social networks. It was discovered that she and two other passengers were carrying cocaine.

Canadians Mélina Roberge and Isabelle Lagacé will never forget the trip that took them on August 9th, 2016 to Sydney, the largest and most populated city in Australia. From the moment of boarding, the journey had all the ingredients to be recorded in the memory: luxury, party, glamor and more luxury.

A perfect plan for two young people of 23 and 28 years who re-transmitted almost in real time their movements and that were the envy of many of their followers.

Until then, beaches, bikinis, makeup and luxury dinners stood out in the photographs that they distributed without stopping.

They were not alone. 

In the cabin there was an unexpected companion: nothing less than 35 kilos of cocaine. André Tamine, 63, also with a Canadian passport, was arrested that same day on the boat. They found 60 kilos of the same drug.

In November, Isabelle Lagacé was sentenced to seven and a half years in prison. This Wednesday, Judge Catherine Traill read the sentence for Mélina Roberge: eight years behind bars. André Tamine will listen to its own sentence  in September.

Between sobs, the young woman admitted that she let herself be seduced by the opportunity to travel to exotic places and take selfies to gain notoriety with those images.


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