Columbus Day falls on Oct. 10 this year is a time to remember the day in 1492 when Christopher Columbus the Italian voyager first spotted what we today call America. In the United States the day initially became an official holiday in 1892, when it was remembered as “Discovery Day.” in 1937 it became a national holiday following an announcement by Franklin Delano Roosevelt the President of America during that period.

The day was observed on Oct 12 until 1970, no matter which day of the week it fell under. The holiday was decided to be held on the second Monday in October after 1970, in observing with the Uniform Monday Holiday Act which placed the adherence of specific holidays on Mondays. Columbus Day is commemorated in the United States, in addition to some places in Italy, Puerto Rico, Spain and Canada. In honor of the diverse heritages in the area, Latin American states celebrate this day as “Day of the Race”.

In Alaska, Hawaii, South Dakota or Oregon Columbus Day is not celebrated. Hawaii commemorates Discoverers’ Day in gratitude of its Polynesian tradition and “Native American Day” is celebrated in South Dakota. Reflecting the debate surrounding Columbus’ behavior of Native Americans, other towns have replaced Columbus Day with various occasions, which includes Berkeley, Indigenous People’s Day in California’s and locations in Oklahoma which commemorate “Native American Day.”

In places where it is celebrated as Columbus Day is marked with fairs and parades and occasions focused on Italian-American heritage. Most Federal offices, credit unions, and banks are closed. Post Office in U.S. will not deliver mail. That day FedEx and UPS will be making deliveries though. Alabama courts and state offices are shutdown.


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