A Southwest Miami-Dade man faces a life Imprisonment for a frenzy of armed robbery from a Burger King, Dairy Queen, two Farm Stores and a Domino’s pizzeria. The total sum of money he got in all the robberies is less than $ 1,100.

That is the insignificant amount that 46-year-old Zeddrick Smith managed to steal in the six rounds he pleaded guilty to in federal court, plus a charge of possession of a firearm during a violent crime and another count of possession of a firearm by a convicted offender. The life sentence is the maximum that Smith could receive when sentenced next May 11.

Criminal records will not help Smith. In 1994 he was found guilty in Miami-Dade court of large-scale robbery for having driven a car, and in 1996 he was found guilty in federal court for illegally transporting weapons. Smith served 13 years and five months for federal crime. Then, in 2011, he was charged in Miami-Dade with burglary and grand larceny.

Smith won his case and even began work. However, on Nov. 24, he robbed a Farm Stores located at 12075 S. Dixie Highway. According to court documents, wielding a Colt .38 caliber revolver, he demanded money from the store clerk who gave him only $ 70 from the register. Smith escaped, but was later identified by two people who were in the establishment.

Three days later, he stole a Dairy Queen located at U.S. 1 near the Dadeland Mall using the same revolver. A surveillance video of the nearby bank caught the moment Smith gets into his car after the robbery.

Days later, on November 29, Smith stole another Farm Stores, located at 4741 SW 8 Street, with the same revolver. After seizing $ 200, he fled the place, but the robbery was videotaped.

Smith did not stop and on December 6, he stole another Domino’s Pizza, located at 7309 SW 10th Avenue, and left with $ 465. Again, it was captured in camera.

Smith was caught during a December 8 robbery at another Domino’s, located at 1400 Ponce de Leon, Coral Gables. Although Smith shouted, “Everybody on the ground!”, Two employees escaped through the front door and Smith could not capture them. Again a surveillance video captured the robbery.

On December 11, Smith got his biggest booty, $ 794, during a burglary by a Burger King at 13201 S. Dixie Highway. Once again the cameras captured him.

When police caught Smith on January 12, after a search in his car they found the gun and several clothes he used in the robberies.


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