Computer Outage at Airports in United States

A computer outage at international airports in United States snarled the Custom procedures on Monday, leaving thousands of international travelers stuck for hours on one of the busiest travel days of 2017.

All affected airport were back online hours after the U.S custom and border protection experienced the outage with its processing systems at a number of airports, Daniel Hetlage, the spokesman said.

The outage lasted from 5 pm ET to 9 Pm, resulting in long lines aggrieved holiday travelers. The airport authorities and travelers across the country reported the delays from about 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Daniel Hetlage, the spokesman stated:

During the technology disruption, CBP had access to national security-related databases and all travelers were screened according to security standards,”. “At this time, there is no indication the service disruption was malicious in nature.

The port authority of New York and New Jersey did not respond to the calls to comment about the computer outages at JFK Airport, Newark Liberty International Airport and LaGuardia Airport.

The Social media was reportedly filled with the complaints from the frustrated travelers across the country:


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