Miami-Dade police found two corpses in a house located on the 13700 block of Southwest 192nd Street. ALEX HARRIS

A man suspected of having shot and killed his wife and son, and of wounding a lawyer who did business with him, was arrested after facing gunfire with the police. The confrontation lasted almost three hours.

Álvaro Zabaleta, a Miami-Dade police detective, said Fadel Jabado was airborne at Jackson South Hospital. It was not immediately known why the police shot Jabado, who was inside a car and was surrounded by authorities in a South Dade camp.

Police believe Jabado, 54, shot and killed his wife, Bessina, and his eldest son at his home in southwest Miami-Dade, and seriously injured attorney Larry Harshman in his Kendall office. Then he fled in a Chevy truck.

But they are not sure in what order the attacks occurred. What is known is that the authorities learned about the 10:30 a.m. that Harshman had been shot at his law firm at 11420 North Kendall Drive. Investigating this incident led the authorities to the home of Jabado, 13570 SW 192nd Street, where they found two corpses.


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