Image - Vice President Mike Pence - Archived Photo.

Capital Hill – One legislator said that the United States Vice President Mike Pence mentioned military exercises within Southern Korea will definitely carry on, in contrast to announcements made by Commander in chief Donald Trump in Singapore.

Soon after consulting with Northern Korean head Kim Jong-un Monday, Trump revealed that the United States is going to be ” stopping the war games” on the Korean peninsula, describing them as expensive and ” provocative.”.

In a lunch meeting with Republican legislators Tuesday, however, Pence stated activities are going to proceed – as explained by Senator Cory Gardner (R-Colorado), a regular complainer regarding Trump.

At this moment, an unrevealed representative coming from Pence’s office intervened and even informed NBC that the VP was actually describing the ” bi-annual armed forces exercises” and certainly not the ” routine exercise and readiness exercise routines,” implying Gardner was simply technically right, however Everett had misinterpreted him.

There is really a ” big distinction or differance between the two,” the official pointed out.

Some Thirty Minutes after the initial tweet, Gardner sent out a follow-up tweet, clarifying that Pence was saying that ” readiness training and exchanges” will continue, but ” war games will not.”.

An earlier explanation might have saved the Politico press reporter a great deal of difficulty, however this would not have been described as breaking headlines, having Gardner at the middle of this.


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